Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2009/06/19


As an extreme sports enthusiast my worst nightmare would be to lose function of my body. In the summer of 2008 I say a French film based on a true story. This film was about a man who had a stroke and developed what professionals call “Locked in Syndrome.”Locked in Syndrome is a condition in which one looses motor-function of the body. You are able to see and hear but unable to respond. Essentially one cannot speak or communicate in anyway. In this particular case the man was able to blink one of his eyes. His one way of communicating was to have someone read the alphabet and when they reached the letter that he wanted them to write down he would blink. There is one line from the movie that I love. The line goes as followed “I have lost everything, but I still have two things. I have my memory and my imagination and in these two things I can live forever.” Every time I am freezing in the alpine environment or suffering on a small ledge climbing a big wall I just think about the French man who had everything taken from him and I realize that I am in a position of ultimate freedom. The mind is a free place for anyone who dares to imagine. Recently I have broken my ankle. Bummer! I realize though that I am blessed.

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