Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2009/09/24

A New Adventure

I am off on another quest for big wall adventure. I have finished up another summer in Crested Butte and am ready for something new. Recently my mother asked my “why do you climb.” I have decided to take some time to answer the question. Because it is such a complicated question it can not be answered quickly. When I am climbing I feel at home. For me it feels right to be exposed on steep terrain. When I am in those situations, living in those moments, I am content. I am content to struggle and I am content to relax. I am content with the style in which I am living. There is nothing more and nothing less. All that exists is the now. For me living in extreme environments is the best way to live. To experience is the purpose of my life and through climbing I express myself and dive deep into the adventure of experience. It helps me define who I am and allows me to be set free. The reason I climb is because I love it. It is as simple as this. A wise young friend of mine once told me “Love Life.” I consider this my mantra.

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