Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2009/12/02


I have begun my quest for The Central Tower. This season Sebastian and I plan to climb the Kearney-Knight. This was the first alpine style accent of the Central Tower, put up in 1982. The route stands 850 meters and sports a 5.10, A3 grade 5 rating. Our plan is to climb this route and make the second accent and first free accent in alpine style. This would complete the trifecta for me and add my name to the small list of people who have climbed all three towers. Every time I set off on an adventure such as alpine climbing in Patagonia, I go through an immense amount of emotional overload. I continually ask myself, ¨why I am doing this to myself again?¨ I know the hardship and the struggle that is involved with expeditions to Patagonia and so every time I set off I go through this very awkward sensation. It is a feeling of happiness, sadness, fright, satisfaction, confusion, clarity, and every other contradicting emotion possible. My solution to this part of the journey is to just accept life the way it is and take deep calming breaths. I honestly feel that for me, the path with heart, the life that fits me best is one of an alpinist. My goal on this trip is to bring inspiration to the world. I want to tell a simple story of two men from completely different backgrounds that come together to achieve a simple goal of climbing a mountain. Through this story I want to spread a message of unity to the world in hopes of bringing man kind together and reducing exploitation.

Yesterday I caught a flight with Continental to Houston and then took the red eye to Buenos Aires. After getting 150 lbs. of gear through customs, I caught a taxi with Cejar (Columbian taxi driver) to the Hostel. I am staying at Sandanzas Cultural Hostel (1351 Balcarce) in San Telmo. Tomorrow I will catch a plane with Areolians Argentinas to El Calafate. From El Calafate it is a short bus ride to Punta Arenas and the erratic rock hostel. I wish everyone the best.


  1. Walker your the man! Have a great trip!

  2. Crush it DUDE!! Looking forward to hearing about your send!!

  3. Great to get an update, cant wait to read more!

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