Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2009/12/18


I’ve arrived in Puerto Natales. It was a wonderful feeling to reach this small southern town. Yesterday I walked around to all my old friends’ houses and had several reunions. After traveling for so many days it is wonderful to arrive in my new home. I spent yesterday packing and walking around town shooting some film of the locals and the beauty of Puerto Natales. The weather was actually good yesterday morning and you could see all the way to the park, where Paine Grande was looming in the backround. Today I plan to pack completely for an attempt at The Central. I will bring an initial twenty days worth of food and try to make it until Christmas. I will spend the first four days in the park carrying loads and setting up our position. Sebastian is in the park guiding some clients on a couple of mountains and will meet me on the eighth in Campamento Torre. From there we will start moving the gear into the Valle Accencio, which will be our base camp. There is a cave high on the east face of the towers that will provide us with some shelter and protect us from the wind. From this point it will be a matter of waiting for the conditions to develop.

I am the first of the American climbers to arrive here this year. Arron Jones should arrive in mid December and Dave Turner should be here arround that time too. Today I feel motivated. I am excited to see Sebastian. I wish everyone motivation and inspiration. You only have one life to live, so take advantage. Love Life!


  1. I will be in Puerto Natales until sunday.
    The Best

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