Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2009/12/25

Patagonia Christmas

Hello all,

It is Christmas morning. Sebastian and I decided to come down to town for Christmas. We spent last week in the park with Aaron Jones and Hayden Kennedy, two American climbers from Yosemite Valley. We went up to the cave in the base of the Accencio Valley. It was full of snow, so we spent some time pulling all the snow out and creating a new bivouac. The entire time we were in the park it snowed and rained, basically standard for Patagonia.

My brother Sedge recently sent me an e-mail sending me his positive energy. This Christmas I want to spread this message of positivity, clarity, love and unity.  The goal in life is to learn. Along this path of life you will accomplish many things, but always remember that the ultimate goal is to learn. For me climbing is my religion and Christmas is always a day in which I reflect on my life and try to find myself. Finding yourself is a never-ending process and will continue until the day you die. I pass to everyone the gift of positivity, clarity, love and unity because these are the tools necessary to finding one’s self.

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