Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2010/01/03

First Attempt

Sebastian and I spent the past week in the Accencio Valley waiting for a chance to climb. We shared a high camp with a couple of Austrians, really nice guys! On the 30th we made an attempt at the south face making a high point of the Condor Col. We spent a very cold night shivering together. At one point we decided to get up and dance until sunrise. We spent a few hours freestyling raps and dancing to keep worm. The temperature at 10am on the morning of the 31st was -6*C. Super Cold! I tried to climb some pitches but the temperature just didn´t change. By the afternoon the some high wispy clouds had blocked the sun, but there was no wind. I can tell that this route is going to be a matter of suffering. Because it is on the south face of the Central Tower it doesn´t recieve even a moment of sun. Back into the park tomorrow. Dedication is going to be the key to the south face. I encourage everyone at home to persist with what ever projects you are pursuing. Love life, and even when times are bad find a way to make the icy moments worm. There is always a positive aspect to every situation.


  1. Keep on dancing and keep the positive vibes flowing! We all love you…

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