Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2010/05/01

Traveling West

It has always been my dream to work and live in the park of Yosemite Valley. After a quick stay at my parents house, and some demolition work for the new remodel in Boulder I am back on the road. This time my brother Rio has joined the adventure and we have made quite a team. Our first destination was Moab, Utah. We spent a week riding the trails of the desert in the blistering sun. Mountain biking on the Porcupine Rim trail was one of the most amazing rides of my life. Porcupine Rim consists of fifteen miles of exposed downhill with amazing views and super technical bike riding. After getting our legs in shape we drove overnight to The Valley. Amazing! We spent a few days worming up on some moderate routes at The Cookie Cliff and prepared for Rio’s first big wall.

“Yosemite Valley is a unique and incredible place to see. Most people that go there only stay for a few hours to enjoy the sites of the massive cliffs and beautiful waterfalls. I was lucky enough to get the inside view of Yosemite Valley. This consists of paranoid climbers who live and breathe for the rock constantly running from uptight rangers who want nothing more than to write expensive tickets.

Another side of Yosemite that most people that go there will never see is the solitude of camping on the wall. When you’re on the valley floor there are so many people it is hard to feel the true power of this place. But sitting three pitches up on a ledge that could sleep eight people gives you a sense of freedom and complete isolation from the hectic nature and rules of the valley floor.

The South Face of the Washington Column was a great beginner big wall experience. I got to lead a couple 5.8 pitches, learn how the hauling process works, learn how to jug through some harder pitches, and watch LB and Walker aid climb. It really opened my eyes to how systematic everything is and how important it is to fallow this system. By the end of this three day big wall training camp I felt much more knowledgeable and confident with the sport of climbing. Not to mention a boost of phsych to continue my love of climbing!”


Today we are both headed to the drop zone in Davis, California. Should be a great day of jumping and hanging out with my friend Lori. Then it’s back to Yosemite for a quest to find a job in paradise. I wish everyone the best.


  1. Quite the adventure road! Envy all us elders the opportunities allowed youth. Keep on keepen’ on, as has been said, and keep on writen’ it down so we the encumbered can have a vicarious experience or two.

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