Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2011/01/12


This epic started when my brother Rio called me randumly saying he was in Lodi, and had just finished his AFF. I raced to the drop zone to meet him. We decided we where going to jump together. We would do a link exit for the plane holding eachothers arms falling belly to earth. Lucky for us it was a clowdy day and we would be falling through a cloud layer. Just as we jumped out Rio pointed out to me that we were going from 15,000 ft.. Extra altitude! We threw ourselves out the plane and fell together for about 60 seconds. During the skydive I looked at Rio to make sure he was aware.  We fell for a short while holding arms until we poped through the clouds and could see the ground around 10,000 ft.. After that there was no stopping us we spent most of October and November in Lodi, perfecting our skills and learning the art of skydiving.

Free Fall with Rio

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