Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2011/05/17

First Jump Course

For a few weeks in April some buddies and I took a trip the Perian Bridge in Idaho. The Perian Bridge is 500 ft. tall legal span that can be jumped year around. It is a great place to learn to BASE jump because it provides a student with an opportunity to experience the proper learning curve, specific for the individual, in a low stress environment, and make jumps during the day with a safe landing zone. Often BASE jumping is performed as an illeagal act which adds extra stress to a potential life threatening activity. This was a great experience. To have the opportunity to spend a weekend meeting some really cool people and take some advice from Jhonathan Florez was something I will remember for the rest of my life. The First Jump Course lasted four days in which we each made between eight and fifteen jumps. We went through a jump progression starting with Pilot Chute Assist jumps, follower by Hand Held, and finally Stower. We raged the bridge and everyone pulled of some amazing jumps! This experience ment a lot to me. It was a coming of age. A personal experience that represented my dedication to the commitment of pushing the limits of my mind and body in this life. I have always been fasinated with the act of jumping into the Abbyss. BASE jumping is the ultimate trust fall. It is an experinece so committing, with such sever cosequences, that it forces you to put complete trust in yourself. The act of reaching back and pulling your pilot chute, saving your own life, makes you realize that you are your most trustwothy alie.

BASE jumping is very simple. Anyone can do it. It just takes initiative and dedication to the promise of trust in yourself. You are your most preciouse tool and the capsole in which you experinece this life. Through the act of base jumping I learned self love. By risking it all I learned to trust myself, realizing that I have a deeply rooted love for my life.

I jump to live! Life is a balancing act between risk and reward. The challenge is to determine which experiences you are going to gain the most from.When do the rewards outway the risk? What path will you choose today?



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