Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2011/05/17

Jumping into the Abyss

On the night of February 28th I drove to the DZ (drop zone) to visit my flying monkey friends. I was surprised to find my friend “The Savior” hanging out at The Creeper Pad (a place were you will find mystical people and experiences). After a couple of beers and some wonderful conversation about the beauty of life we decided to move the good times to “The Tower.” This time The Savior had his friend “The Apprentice” with him. As we approached The Tower, The Apprentice stated that “BASE jumping is the ultimate act of freedom. Casting your body into the air in free fall is an act that embodies the essence of life. For a moment you are suspended between heaven and earth in a state of bliss.” On this night The Apprentice was going to make his first BASE jump. He was to take everything he had learned and cast himself into the abyss, surviving death, and graduating to a new realm of possibility. As the team approached The Tower The Apprentice was overcome by a serial feeling. He felt himself drift into a dream like state, time slowed, and his thoughts became simplistically happy. As The Apprentice climbed The Tower with his friend The Savior he suppressed the part of his brain that was firing warning signals, the Cerebellum. The Cerebellum is responsible for regulating fear and pleasure responses. The Savior asked himself “why do I want to perform the act of jumping into the abyss?” He thought about the injustice that was present in the world. The way the United States had exploited the world by moving factories over seas. The eternal war that was driving the economy. The constant paranoia of nuclear holocaust which leads to the need for a defense program, which was consuming the American tax dollar. The Apprentice thought about the over consumption of natural resources that was leading to global warming. The growing unemployment rate and unjust separation of class. The high number of people that cant afford health insurance and are thus forced into dept by a unjust health care system.

The act of jumping into the abyss would be a self sacrifice. An act of complete freedom that defied unjust law. The Apprentice climbed over the railing and with the wind to his back he looked down at the depths bellow. The Savior prepared the pilot chute with a slightly evil cackle. The Apprentice would jump off The Tower going hand held. Holding the pilot chute in his hand, he would jump and throw it into the air while arching and holding a free fall position. “three, two, one, see ya!” The Apprentice was in the air. In the first moment all time seemed to freeze as he entered the dead air space. In the next moment The Apprentice threw the pilot chute. The scaffolding of The Tower flew past him as he looked down. The Apprentice arched supper hard throwing his body into free fall position and waited for The Machine to do its work allowing The Apprentice to survive death. BLOW! The Parachute opened above his head, standing him up with a perfect on-heading opening. The Apprentice gave out a yell WOW HOW! He popped the toggles (steering lines for the parachute) and made a slow right hand turn back to the ground. In 20 seconds The Apprentice was on the ground. I helped The Apprentice gather his stuff and we walked back to the car. It had been a successful night.

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