Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2011/08/26

Jumping Off the Mountain

It had become time for The Apprentice to face his fear follow his heart and jump from the mountain top to find his treasure. He had learned that by jumping from the mountain top he would gain enlightenment and develop a pure heart. For this adventure he would need to use all the knowledge he had gained from his predecessor, The Savior. The Apprentice would need to apply all the skills he had developed in his adventure of life. There would be many dangers on the way to enlightenment but the apprentice knew if he followed his heart it would not lie and he would find the treasure he was looking for. The Apprentice spent the evening preparing The Machine, which would allow him to survive death after casting himself from the mountain top. He slowly prepared the folds and stowed the lines of the parachute. For this jump because of the hight he would reach terminal velocity. For Terminal jumps one has to prepare his equipment with a higher opening speed in mind. The primary difference is that The Apprentice would need to pull the slider up into the canopy in order to slow the pressurization of the parachute and use a smaller pilot chute, which will slow the initiation of the opening sequence. Once The Machine was prepared The Apprentice began his journey. He would need to travel across the flat lands into the mountains. He road his horse for many hours until he reached the base of the mountains. Once at the base he prepared his equipment for the climb. It was dark in the night and The Apprentice had to work by candle light to ascend the mountain. All through the night he climbed into the next morning. Upon sunrise he reached the summit of the mountain top. Exsosted The Apprentice prepared The Machine for its purpose. As The Apprentice steeped to the edge he gave thanks for having the knowledge to pull off the jump from the mountain top and gain enlightenment. The cliff side was just bellow him. As The Apprentice looked over the edge he could see that the wall was extremely overhanging. In the first five seconds he would be far enough away from the wall that he could extend himself into a tracking position separating himself from the wall. The longer he fell the more clear his airspace would be for deployment. “3,2,1, see ya!” The Apprentice was off. He could feel the airspeed build, and when there was enough speed, The Apprentice pulled his arms back and pushed his legs out to begin the tracking sequence. The wall flew past him as he could see himself gain separation from the object. This being his first terminal BASE jump he wanted to pull high in order to be on the conservative side. Pulling high would give him time to deal with a malfunction if he had one. The Apprentice looked to his right and passed a cliff tower. His goal was to deploy his parachute at this point. The Apprentice spread his arms and legs out to slow his decent speed and reached back to the handle located at the bottom of his container. The Pilot Chute was out and The Apprentice fell away from the deployed parachute. Boom! The parachute opened and echoed off the the mountain walls. The Apprentice was alone in the air among nothing but the mountains. As he floated to the ground he enjoyed the cool air that blew past his face. As he approached the ground he reached for the toggles and flared the canopy, which set him down softly. After The Apprentice landed he gathered The Machine and ran into the woods. The morning was very quite. He walked softly through the trees captivated by the beauty of the world. He would never forget such a beautiful experience. The Apprentice had graduated to higher level of enlightenment.

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