Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2011/08/28

Cut Away

This week I had a very close call. I did a wing suit flight with my friend Mirko and after break off I went to deploy my parachute. After nothing happened I reached back and deployed the main parachute by hand. I waited a few seconds more and still nothing. I had a pilot chute in tow, which I converted into a bag lock by pulling the pin and bag off my back. After nothing happened I went through my emergency procedures. When I pulled my cut away handle I stuck my right wing out, which put me on my back. I deployed my reserve almost simultaneously. I feel I made the correct decision to pull my pin and release my main parachute. However, if this happens to anyone or me again, I will do two things differently. One, I will cut away toward my crotch so my wing doesn’t inflate and put me on my back. Two, I will wait for the main canopy to clear its self before I deploy my reserve. On my next wing suit flight I will go through a practice sequence which simulates this malfunction. All of the things we have learned in skydiving have come from mistakes that sometimes resulted in much worse circumstances. I got very lucky. Its best to learn from other peoples mistakes then try to learn everything on your own. A informative community gives you the best chance of survival in this vertical adventure.

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