Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2012/06/24


The pursuit of human flight (Paralpinism) is illegal in California (Yosemite National Park), so this summer I decided to check out a place were you are free to jump wing suits off mountains in the pursuit of discovering the perimeters of human flight. I jumped on a plan and flew across the world to Stavanger, Norway. From there I caught a ride with my friend Carlos to Lysebotn were the Kjerag, a 3,000 ft. wall, is located.

The day I got there was an amazing day. The weather was perfect, which is rare in this area. The first load left at 9am and before I knew it I was on my way. We hiked for two hours to the top. On the way, I had the pleasure of meet a local Norwegian’s that had been jumping this location since 1996. He said the Stavanger BASE Klub had undergone several changes in its years in action and had to develop several rules regarding jumping at Kjerag in order to keep the mountain free for flyer’s. The police and jumpers had worked together to come up with a compromise that both parties could agree on and this was how the SBK had developed.

When I reached the exit I was super excited. I could see the landing area bellow me and the idea of jumping in the day light made me feel happy. I was very excited to see the mountain underneath me and as I jumped I could see the beautiful wall pass by with all the crack systems and ledges standing out in the amazing northern sunlight. I deployed my parachute, and upon landing was greeted with a round of applause by all the Norwegians that had jumped before me. “Congratulations on your first jump in Norway” they said. I was blown away by there kindness and could not stop smiling. My dream of conducting a successful Para-alpinism adventure had been realized.


Susie sticking the exit off exit 4

In norway I found a community of people that valued the adventure of life and were excited about a progressive future in Para-alpinism. These people are changing the parameters of what is possible in human flight and making new discoveries every day.

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