Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2016/01/14

Ted X Vail


To be one piece of the Ted X Vail seminar was an incredible honor. Never have I felt so much enthusiasm to be associated with such great people. It was quite exciting to be part of such a group. I am glad that I was able to bring an idea like finding balance thru appreciation to the table, but I have to say that the real pleasure was found in connecting with a group of some of the most supportive, innovative, and interesting people I have ever meet. It was a challenge to step into this group. To take a risk and travel outside my comfort zone with an open ear and vulnerable heart was a reward I’ll forever cherish. When I arrived, the Ted X Vail team embraced me with open arms and eyes of understanding welcomed me. I am very grateful for all of your worm eyes and open hearts. Thank you.


Public speaking is something I haven’t done since I was a child. I remember some time around high school performance art and acting became uncool. I would say that nothing really changed in the past fifteen years. It feels very good to return to that childhood state of excited playful wonder. I’m very excited to keep the ball rolling and take advantage of any and every opportunity to share with the world that comes along. I’ve been searching for the link that would allow me to share this passion of flying and contribute to the greater good. I think after searching my entire twenties, I may have finally stumbled upon something! The psyche is high!


  1. Real nice. Keep sharing.

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