Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2017/05/28

Home is a perspective

For this project the idea was to go beyond your normal hardcore extreme sports flying video. We’ve all seen the action packed red bull banger’s that run one action real after the next, bumping deep drum and base beats at high volume. The action packed real is worth something and don’t get me wrong, I love a heart beating thumper some times, but the truth is this is such a small portion of the actual reality of living the skydive and base jumper lifestyle. What I call flight life.

Often people ask me where I live. I struggle with the question. For the past 10 years I have been living on the road finding my home in different places all around the world. Sometimes its under a mountain in Norway and other times I find myself living on the side of highway 99 in Lodi California. Where ever it is that I sleep I can usually see the stars. It’s not until recently that I have found myself inside a room with a bathroom, but even now I am still crashing on a air mattress and use my sleeping bag as a blanket. The flight life isn’t always flames of glory and super hero status moments of triumph and joy. For every high there is usually a equal low. That’s life.

This movie explores the idea of home as a perspective. A moment in which your achieving your goals and surrounded by people who support your dreams. Home isn’t a place, but more of a feeling. It’s something that fades and appears. A constant, that flows in and out of every human experience. Home is where the heart is. We tell this story thru a group of skydiving friends that spend there lives nomadic in the pursuit of flight.



  1. Looking forward to it boys! 🙂

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