The Nose on El Capitan

In the summer of 2008 I had just graduated from college from Western State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Outdoor Leadership and Resort Management with an emphasis in Leadership and Experiential Education. I spent that summer living in my car working in Crested Butte, Colorado for Altitude Painting. Crested Butte is an amazing place. The summers consist of 65 degree sunshiny days with green alpine trees and wild flowers everywhere. When I wasn’t working I was climbing. I knew that if I worked hard for a few months I would be able to save enough money to travel to Yosemite for a four week trip to try and climb The Nose on El Capitan. I lived like a dirt bag. I bought the cheapest food I could find and camped as much as possible in order to save money on rent. I would shower in the locker room on campus and at friend’s houses. I planned on meeting a friend of mine, in San Francisco and together we would drive to Yosemite and check it out. Yosemite National Park was beautiful. Huge granite slabs that shot vertical in the air.

I meet Jenny Vesterberg in Camp Four. Jenny and I shared the same passion for El Capitan and so instantly we got along. Jenny was in Yosemite to complete a life goal of climbing “The Nose.” This formation is 3,000 ft. high and sits in the center of the biggest wall in North America. We decided we should go for it. Between the two of us we had enough gear so we figured we should at least try. We spent the night of October 17th preparing and fixing the first four pitches and on the 18thwe casted off at 5am for a shot at the big stone. The first day we climbed and hauled to Dolt Tower and camped. On the 19th we climbed to the base of the Great roof and slept at Camp Four. It was a great night of sleep curled in the fetal position. On the morning of the 20Th we awoke to the crux day. Jenny was up to lead the first pitch of A2 through the roof. She did an excellent job and before I knew it we were on our way to Camp Five. On the 21st we topped out finishing on a bolt latter. What a beautiful view.

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